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Why Lease-to-Own with Acima in San Antonio, TX?

When funds are tight, there's Acima. When you're in a bad credit situation, there's Acima. When you need household essentials now, Acima has you covered. Acima is your rent-to-own solution in San Antonio, TX. We work with big box stores and small neighborhood shops to help folks with less than ideal credit take home what they need in San Antonio, TX.

With Acima, you can rent-to-own kitchen appliances, must-have gaming consoles, brand-name furniture, wheels, eyewear, tool sets, gold jewelry, and even guitars in San Antonio, TX But why rent-to-own over financing or purchasing? Because life doesn’t go as planned. And you might not always have the cash handy to purchase big-ticket essentials like dishwashers, laptops, prescription eyeglasses, or new tires for the family car. Choosing to lease-to-own with Acima is a smart way to shop now, even with less than perfect credit history*. Ask about renting-to-own with Acima at your favorite San Antonio retailers or apply online today.

What Can You Get with Acima in San Antonio, TX?

You can turn to Acima at many of your favorite stores in San Antonio, even ones that aren't known for having rent-to-own products. With Acima, you can rent-to-own in stores all over San Antonio. Here’s a sneak peek at the type of stuff you can rent with Acima.

Overhaul Your Ride with Rent-to-Own Tires & Wheels in San Antonio, TX

With Acima, you can take advantage of small lease renewal payments on brand-name tires and wheels at auto part stores in San Antonio with a payment schedule that works with your life. So next time you get a nail in your tire sidewall, or need new tires for your upcoming road trip, make it happen at just the right moment by partnering with Acima for rent-to-own tires and wheels in San Antonio.

Cook & Clean with Lease-to-Own Appliances

Like your car, your household appliances are essential. A top- or front- load washer and dryer set keep your laundry looking clean and the kids ready for school, extracurriculars, and everything in between. The refrigerator is practically the heart and soul of your family! It houses fresh fruits, meals, and cheeses. The oven range is where you bake delicious pastries and meal prep healthy dinners for the whole crew. And the dishwasher? It’s a lifesaver after a long week of hearty breakfasts, grilled cheese sandwiches, and social media-worthy desserts. But nothing lasts forever — including your trusty appliances. The cost of all-new appliances averages out to almost $11,000. And replacing only one or two appliances can still cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Shop now using Acima for lease-to-own appliances in San Antonio and have them in your home as soon as today. There's no need to let the laundry pile up or risk letting food going bad in a malfunctioning fridge when you can lease kitchen appliances in San Antonio through Acima!

Lease High-Quality Home & Car Audio With Acima in San Antonio

Are you your friend group’s unofficial DJ? A musical savant? Love to level up with the latest video game system? Turn up the volume on your entertainment experience at home and in your car with rent-to-own audio systems in San Antonio. You can enjoy flexible lease renewal payments on the ultimate home and in-car sound systems with Acima lease-to-own options. Now you can finally upgrade your car’s stereo. And when the kids want gaming consoles for their birthdays, you can get them set up with the latest and greatest gadgets. And when football season rolls around, you can be the center for it all with a lease-to-own flat-screen TV that gives courtside access a run for its money.

See Clearly with Lease-to-Own Eyewear in San Antonio, TX

You won’t be able to enjoy your new TV if you can’t see it clearly. If you’ve been procrastinating on your yearly eye exam or getting prescription eyeglasses, contacts, or specs, you don't have to squint another day. Getting lease-to-own eyeglasses with Acima means you can make small rental renewal payments towards the eyeglasses you need to get a clear outlook on life. Find a vision care shop near you and ask about renting eyewear in San Antonio with Acima. Your eyes will thank you!

Revamp Your Home with Lease-to-Own Mattresses & Furniture in San Antonio, TX

Are you done watching TV from a tattered, sagging couch? Sick of losing sleep because your mattress is old and bumpy? When you lease furniture through Acima, you can make your dream home a reality. Acima leases high-quality furnishings for every space from our host retailers in San Antonio — the primary and guest bedrooms, dining area, game room, and even outdoor essentials. Rent-to-own bed sets, brand name mattresses, sofas and recliners, cocktail tables, accent chairs, futons, lamps, and beyond. If you want to upgrade your San Antonio home’s furniture now, start renting it today through Acima — all without credit in San Antonio.

Channel Your DIY Skills with Power Tools for Lease in San Antonio, TX

New furniture isn't the only way to upgrade your living space in San Antonio. The appropriate set of cordless power tools can give your inner handy-person and help you tackle everyday home repairs. Build that tree fort! Fix that squeaky door! Install those floating shelves! All without dropping your entire paycheck on a hammer drill, mitre saw, or multi-tool. With a set of rent-to-own power tools in San Antonio, you can make small lease renewal payments on a schedule that works for you and get to work on all the DIY woodworking projects on your to-do list. Acima allows you to rent the power tools you need in San Antonio now.

Play Outside in San Antonio with Lease-to-Own Outdoor Gear

Texas has so much to offer when it comes to going on adventures. There's so much to do when you know where to look! But it might not feel that way if you don't have the right equipment. And the right equipment can be expensive. Luckily, through Acima you can rent-to-own what you need from your favorite camping and recreation stores in San Antonio. Lease-to-own everything from bike accessories and sleeping bags to basketballs and cornhole sets. If you want to get into a new sport or adventure this season, don't hold back. Just ask about using Acima to make small lease renewal payments and go the rent-to-own route. Your next San Antonio adventure awaits.

Time to Treat Yourself? Explore Lease-to-Own Jewelry in San Antonio, TX

Not into the outdoors? There’s rent-to-own goods for everyone in San Antonio. For the indoorsy folks who love their bling, Acima also enables you to make small lease renewal payments towards fine jewelry in San Antonio, TX. Want to give your spouse a shimmering token of your appreciation? Get a beautiful ring today and make flexible lease renewal payments. Lost your precious gold chain? No need to save for months to replace it. Instead visit one of our, local rent-to-own jewelry stores in San Antonio and start renting a new ring, chain, or watch with a bite-sized initial payment.

Nothing Sounds Better Than Leasing Instruments in San Antonio, TX

Acima has rent-to-own products for everyone in your home — you can lease earrings for you or a trumpet for your daughter’s band practice. Browse our local host retailers in San Antonio, Texas to find places that rent-to-own musical instruments near you. Whether your fourth grader’s music teacher requires a flute or your student needs a new guitar for their upcoming recital. Acima means you can rent-to-own everything from accordions to xylophones.

What Does Leasing-to-Own in San Antonio, TX Involve?

You’ve zeroed in on the rent-to-own washer-dryer set, big-screen TV, or set of tires you want. So, what now? Get approved for a lease with Acima online, on your cell phone, or at a retailer that partners with Acima in San Antonio. Applying is easy and don’t stress, unlike other payment options, Acima considers many factors, and regularly approve customers with less than perfect credit history. In the application, we’ll ask for details about your current job, monthly income, and the status of your checking account. Once you get approved, you can pick from one of our flexible payment options. You can make flexible lease renewal payments over time. And it's easy to line up your renewal payments with your paydays. Start your application for Acima — the way to rent-to-own in stores all over San Antonio, TX, all without credit. Get the items you need today with Acima’s rent-to-own options!

*The advertised service is a rental or lease purchase agreement provided by Acima. It is not a loan, credit or financing. While no credit history is required, Acima obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with a lease application. Acima Cash Price includes a markup over invoice price. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than the retailer’s cash price. Not available in MN, NJ, WI, or WY. Merchant participating locations only. Not all applicants are approved. See lease for details.

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