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Do it all in the mobile app.

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Why Lease-to-Own with Acima?

When funds are tight, there's Acima. When you're in a bad credit situation, there's Acima. When you need to buy something on short notice, there's Acima! Acima is your shop now, pay later solution. We can help with everything from paying for car repairs to getting a new mattress! We partner with national retailers and small neighborhood shops to help you get what you need without credit.

With Acima, you can rent-to-own appliances, electronics, furniture, tires, eyewear, power tools, jewelry, and even musical instruments. But why would you rent-to-own an item instead of buying it? Because life can get expensive, fast. And you might not always have the cash on hand to pay for important big ticket items like dishwashers, laptops, prescription eyeglasses, or tools for those DIY home projects. The rent-to-own route is a great way to shop now, pay later, all without credit. Apply now or ask about Acima at the local stores you love.

What Can You Lease Today at Local Stores?

You can turn to Acima at many of your favorite stores, even ones that aren't known for having rent-to-own products. You'll find Acima leasing options all over your city. Here's just a sampling of everything you can purchase or rent through Acima!

Ride Right with Lease-to-Own Tires & Wheels

Average car maintenance costs can add up to $300 or more a year, according to some sources. That's a lot of money to shell out on quick notice! But sometimes you have to. You need your car to get to work and take care of life! With Acima, you can make flexible payments on car repairs, tires, and rims at auto shops across your city on a schedule that works for you. So next time you get a flat tire, need a major engine repair, or just want to refresh your car's cosmetic appeal, make it happen at just the right moment with Acima rent-to-own tires, wheels, and repair options near you.

Cook & Clean with Lease-to-Own Appliances

Like your car, your household appliances are essential. The washer and dryer keep your clothes clean and the kids looking presentable. The refrigerator is practically the heart and soul of your family! It's the hub for snacks, meals, and food storage. The oven range is where you try new recipes and prepare feasts that everyone loves. And the dishwasher? It's the real hero of the kitchen at the end of a long week of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. But nothing lasts forever — including your trusty appliances. Replacing all of your appliances, on average, can cost up to $10,875. Replacing one or two appliances can still cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Lease through Acima and you can rent-to-own appliances and have them in your home as soon as today. There's no need to let the laundry pile up or the dishes overflow when you can lease kitchen appliances through Acima!

Turn It Up with Home & Car Audio Electronics for Lease

Are you a movie buff? Audiophile? Love to level up with the latest video game system? Turn up the volume on your entertainment experience at home and in the car with electronics for lease. You can make flexible payments on all of the home theater and car audio equipment you want with Acima. Now you won't have to skimp on expert installation on that car stereo upgrade. When the kids want new video game consoles for the holidays, you can make sure their playtime is supercharged. And when the next sports season comes along, you can be the center for it all with a lease-to-own flat-screen TV that rivals any front-row view.

See Clearly with Lease-to-Own Eyewear

Your big screen TV isn't much good if you can't see it from your couch! If you've been putting off visiting the eye doctor or getting prescription eyeglasses, contacts, or sunglasses, you don't have to squint another day. Leasing eyewear through Acima means you can make flexible payments on the eyewear you need to have a crystal clear view. Find your nearest vision center and ask about leasing eyewear through Acima. Shop now, pay later, all without credit.

Upgrade Your Home with Furniture & Mattresses for Lease

Are you done watching TV from a tattered, sagging couch? Sick of losing sleep because your mattress is old and bumpy? When you lease furniture through Acima, you can give yourself the home you always imagined. Our partners offer furniture for rent or purchase for every room — the bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room, living room, and even the kids' room. Rent-to-own bed sets, memory foam mattresses, sofas and sectionals, coffee tables, recliners, bunk beds, TV stands, lamps, and so much more! If you need furniture ASAP for your home, get it today through Acima — the no credit way to shop!

Channel Your DIY Skills with Power Tools for Lease

New furniture isn't the only way to upgrade your living space. The right set of power tools can unleash your inner-DIYer and help you tackle everyday home repairs. Build that tree fort! Fix that squeaky door! Install those floating shelves! All without spending your whole paycheck on the newest drill, saw, or multi-tool. With a set of rent-to-own power tools, you can make flexible payments on a schedule that works for you and be the handy-person you've always wanted to be. Acima makes it easy to get the high-powered tools you need today.

Play Outside with Lease-to-Own Outdoor Gear

Your state has so much to offer when it comes to going on adventures. It's like one big playground! But it might not feel that way if you don't have the right equipment. And the right equipment can be expensive. Thankfully, you'll find Acima payment options at outdoor stores almost everywhere. Rent-to-own everything from bicycles and golf clubs to fishing gear and lawn equipment. If there's an outdoor activity you want to do this weekend, don't hold back. Just ask about making flexible payments through Acima and go the rent-to-own route. It's an easy path to your next adventure!

Gifts for You and Them? Explore Lease-to-Own Jewelry

The fun doesn’t stop with lease-to-purchase outdoor gear. For the indoorsy folks who love their bling, Acima also enables you to rent-to-own fine jewelry. Need an engagement ring before your next date night? Magical moments can’t wait till payday. Put a ring on it today, and pay it off over time with manageable and flexible payments. Lost your precious gold chain? Don’t splurge on the retail price of a new one! Instead, find one of our local rent-to-own jewelry stores and lease a new chain or necklace with a small initial payment!

Lease-to-Own Musical Instruments? Music to Your Ears!

Acima means you can rent-to-own gifts for the whole fam — you can lease gold jewelry for mom or even pay for your teenage brother’s new guitar over time! Sort through our local partner merchants to find places that rent-to-own musical instruments near you. Whether you have a fledgling violinist at home or need a trumpet for your high schooler’s band practice, Acima makes it easy to shop everything from accordions to xylophones and pay them off over time!

What's the Lease-to-Own Process Like?

You've narrowed in on the rent-to-own dishwasher, brand name laptop, or set of tires you want. Now how do you get it? Apply online, on your mobile device, or in the showroom of your favorite store. It’s easy to apply and totally okay if you have low or no credit. During the application process, we'll ask about your current source of income, amount of monthly income, and the status of your checking account. Once you're approved, you can pick from one of our flexible payment options. You can pay over time — regardless of your credit history. And it's easy to line up your payments with your paydays. We encourage you to try Acima — the no credit way to shop at stores all over the nation. Rent-to-own the things you need today!