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With Acima, you don’t need credit or a lump of cash to rent must-have items from your favorite stores. You can take home everything from tires to furniture with our lease-to-own plans in Las Vegas. Apply now for a new lease on life.

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Is Leasing-to-Own in Las Vegas, NV Right for You?

Acima is there when your budget is tight. When your credit is a little bruised, Acima is there. When you need household essentials now, Acima has you covered. Acima is your rent-to-own solution in Las Vegas, NV. We work with national retailers and local stores to help you get what you need in Las Vegas without credit.

With Acima, you can rent-to-own kitchen appliances, tech gadgets, brand-name furniture, tire rims, eyewear, power tool kits, watches, and even guitars in Las Vegas, NV But why lease-to-own instead of buying outright or financing? Because life can get costly when you least expect it. And you may not have the cash handy to purchase big-ticket essentials like dishwashers, laptops, jewelry, or durable tires for your work truck. Choosing to lease-to-own with Acima is a smart way to shop now, even with less than perfect credit history*. Find one of our rent-to-own partners in Las Vegas or apply online now.

What Can You Get with Acima in Las Vegas, NV?

You can turn to Acima at many of your favorite stores in Las Vegas, even those that don’t usually offer a rent-to-own option. With Acima, you can rent-to-own in stores all over Las Vegas. Here’s a sneak peek at the type of stuff you can rent with Acima.

Overhaul Your Ride with Rent-to-Own Tires & Wheels in Las Vegas, NV

With Acima, you can enjoy flexible, bite-sized lease renewal payments on brand-name tires and wheels at auto part stores in Las Vegas with a manageable rent payment schedule that works for you. So when you get a flat tire, or want to give your car a sleek look with alloy wheels, make it happen at just the right moment with Acima rent-to-own tires and wheels.

Lease-to-Own Appliances Take the Guesswork Out of Housework

Like your car, your kitchen and home appliances are vital. The washer and dryer keep your clothes clean and the kids looking presentable. The refrigerator is practically the heart and soul of your family! It houses fresh fruits, meals, and juices. The oven range is where you bake delicious pastries and meal prep healthy dinners for the whole crew. And the dishwasher? It’s a lifesaver after a long week of hearty breakfasts, And don’t forget about the dishwasher! and dinners. But even the highest quality items aren’t meant to last forever — and your trusty appliances are no exception. Replacing all of your appliances, averages out to over $10,000. Replacing one or two appliances can still cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Rent with Acima for lease-to-own appliances in Las Vegas and have them in your home as soon as today. There’s no need to deal with a faulty oven or let the dishes overflow when Acima lets you rent-to-own appliances from your favorite retailers in Las Vegas.

Lease High-Quality Home & Car Audio With Acima in Las Vegas

Are you your friend group’s unofficial DJ? A musical savant? Love to level up with the latest video game system? Revolutionize your entertainment experience at home and in your car with rent-to-own audio systems in Las Vegas. You can make flexible lease renewal payments on the best in-home sound systems and in-car Bluetooth® radio gear with Acima lease-to-own options. Now you can finally upgrade your car’s stereo. When the kids want new video game consoles for the holidays, you can get them set up with the latest and greatest gadgets. And when football season rolls around, you can be the center for it all with a lease-to-own flat-screen TV that gives courtside access a run for its money.

Take in the Views with Lease-to-Own Sun and Eyeglasses in Las Vegas

Your big screen TV isn't much good if you can't see it from your couch! If you've been putting off visiting the eye doctor or getting prescription eyeglasses, contacts, or specs, you don’t have to keep dealing with eye strain. Shopping rent-to-own eyewear with Acima means you can make flexible lease renewal payments on the eyewear you need to get a clear outlook on life. Find a vision center near you and inquire about using Acima to rent-to-own eyeglasses in Las Vegas. Don’t wait for great vision or great credit!

Revamp Your Home with Lease-to-Own Mattresses & Furniture in Las Vegas, NV

Are you over trying to relax on a sagging sectional? Done tossing and turning on a too-hot mattress? When you partner with Acima for rent-to-own furniture, you can give yourself the home you always imagined. Acima offers furniture for rent from our host retailers in Las Vegas — the primary and guest bedrooms, dining area, media room, and even the patio. Rent-to-own bed sets, memory foam mattresses, sofas and recliners, coffee tables, accent chairs, trundle beds, lamps, and more. If you want to upgrade your Las Vegas home’s furniture now, get it today with Acima — the way to shop your favorite retailers in Las Vegas with a less than perfect credit score.

DIY Your Dreams with Power Tools for Lease in Las Vegas, NV

Revamping your space in Las Vegas doesn’t stop with new furniture. The right set of power tools can awaken your inner home renovator and help you tackle everyday home repairs. Refinish that vintage dresser! Fix that squeaky door! Install those floating shelves! All without dropping your entire paycheck on the newest drill, mitre saw, or multi-tool. By choosing Acima for rent-to-own power tools in Las Vegas, you can make easy-to-manage lease renewal payments on a schedule that works with your budget and get to work on all the DIY woodworking projects on your to-do list. With Acima, you can easily rent-to-own power tools in Las Vegas today.

Discover Nature with Sports and Outdoor Gear for Lease in Las Vegas

Nevada has so much to offer when it comes to going on adventures. It's like one big playground! But it might not feel that way if you don't have the right equipment. And high quality outdoor and sports equipment can be costly. Fortunately, you'll find Acima payment options at outdoor stores all over Las Vegas. Make small rental renewal payments towards everything from bike accessories and sleeping bags to tennis rackets and lawn equipment. If there’s a sport or adventure you want to do this weekend, don't hold back. Just inquire with your favorite outdoor gear store in Las Vegas about making flexible lease renewal payments through Acima and go the lease-to-own route. It's an easy path to your next Las Vegas adventure!

Bring Home the Bling with Lease-to-Own Jewelry in Las Vegas, NV

Not into the outdoors? There’s rent-to-own goods for everyone in Las Vegas. For the indoorsy folks who love their bling, Acima also enables you to lease-to-own rings, chains, and more in Las Vegas, NV. Want to treat your spouse to that opal ring they’ve been eyeing? Bring home a beautiful ring now with flexible rental renewal payments. Misplaced your dear gold chain? Don’t feel like you need to save forever before getting it. Rather, locate one of our local rent-to-own jewelry stores in Las Vegas and lease a new chain or necklace with a manageable initial payment.

Fine-Tune Your Practice with Lease-to-Own Musical Instruments in Las Vegas

Acima has rent-to-own products for everyone in your home — you can rent gold jewelry for your spouse or a new guitar for your teenager! Scroll through our host retailers in Las Vegas, NV to find lease-to-own guitar and piano stores near you. Whether your fourth grader’s music teacher requires a flute or your teen needs a new amp for her electric guitar. Acima means you can rent-to-own everything from accordions to xylophones.

What's the Lease-to-Own Process Like in Las Vegas, NV?

You've narrowed in on the rent-to-own dishwasher, big-screen TV, or set of tires you want. So, what’s next? Get approved for a lease with Acima online, on your cell phone, or in the showroom of your favorite Las Vegas store. Applying is easy and don’t stress, Acima considers various factors when reviewing your app, and we regularly help customers with less than perfect credit histories. When you apply, we’ll need some info on your current employment, monthly income, and your checking account status. After approval, you can select the flexible payment option that works best for you. And then make small lease renewal payments over time. And we make lining up your payment schedule with paydays easy. Start your application for Acima — the way to rent-to-own in stores all over Las Vegas, NV, all without credit. Get the items you need today with Acima’s rent-to-own options!

*The advertised service is a rental or lease purchase agreement provided by Acima. It is not a loan, credit or financing. While no credit history is required, Acima obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with a lease application. Acima Cash Price includes a markup over invoice price. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than the retailer’s cash price. Not available in MN, NJ, WI, or WY. Merchant participating locations only. Not all applicants are approved. See lease for details.

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