Lease-to-Own 5 Star Furniture Items & More in Elwell, MI

Looking for ways to furnish your home without breaking the bank? Look no further. Acima's lease-to-own furniture options through 5 Star Furniture in Elwell, MI offers an alternative to purchasing items upfront. Start your application today.

Acima makes it possible.*

Flexible terms that put you in control.

  • Complete the Lease

    After all scheduled payments have been made as detailed in your agreement, the merchandise is yours to keep.

  • Early Purchase Savings

    You can choose to purchase your item at any point during the lease at a discount.  The sooner you do so, the more you save.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    If you no longer want to keep an item, you have the option to return it in good condition with no further obligation.

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Can I Lease-to-Own Furniture Near Me at 5 Star Furniture in Elwell? | Acima

Ready to revamp the living room in your home? Craving a dining room overhaul? Maybe your kiddos have started to outgrow their current bedroom set-up and need an upgrade as soon as possible. Furnishing your home can get expensive quickly, and it's not always the easiest to pay a large lump sum at once. Acima works with 5 Star Furniture in Elwell and other Michigan retailers to give you control over your furniture choices, allowing you to spread out costs over time and make payments more manageable.

Discover 5 Star Living Room Furniture in Elwell with Acima

Lease-to-own 5 Star living room furniture in Elwell with ease. Whether you're redecorating your home and need living room furniture right away or are looking to spread out payments over time to make getting 5-Star Furniture easier on your budget, Acima has you covered. Leasing living room furniture with us can be a budget-friendly and reliable way to get the items you need while making bite-sized payments on your own terms. Start your application today, and you can have the beautiful living room you've always dreamed of — without putting a hole in your wallet.

Discover Dining Room Furniture Lease-to-Own Options in Elwell

A dining room is where family comes together — delicious meals are had and the best of conversations are shared. We believe a tight budget or less-than-perfect credit shouldn't get in the way of the moments that matter most. When searching through the fantastic options that 5 Star Furniture has to offer, shop without settling for less. You and your family deserve the best. Lease-to-own 5 Star dining room furniture in Elwell, MI using Acima, and avoid dipping into your savings or utilizing high-interest credit cards.

Future-Proof Your Bedroom With Lease-to-Own 5-Star Furniture in Michigan

Whether your in-laws are visiting or you have children who've outgrown their current bedroom set-up, you don’t need to put a giant hole in your wallet to upgrade your space. For those with less-than-perfect credit and other financial obligations to consider, leasing-to-own with Acima can be the perfect way to get the furniture items you've been looking for without paying a large lump sum upfront. You'll know exactly how much you'll pay each month, so you can better manage your budget. When looking for bedroom furniture for guests, children, or your primary suite, lease-to-own 5 Star Bedroom Furniture in Elwell is a great solution.

Lease-to-Own 5 Star Furniture in Elwell: Let Acima Show You the Way

You're ready to lease-to-own furniture through Acima? So, now what? Shop online or in-person at any Acima-approved retailer in Michigan, and choose the items you like. Then, submit an application through Acima, where you can get approved for anywhere between $300–$4,000 worth of merchandise.

After your application form is approved — typically within a few minutes — you can opt for a payment schedule that's convenient for your budget and needs. Then, we'll purchase the selected furniture items and lease them to you. You can choose to stick to the agreed terms of your payment schedule and own your furniture at the end of the lease term, or you can make faster payments to own it early and save. Now that's furniture shopping on your terms! Submit an application and see for yourself! It's easy to lease-to-own 5 Star Furniture items in Michigan through Acima.