Progressive Leasing or Acima Leasing in Kapolei, HI?

Need a lease-to-own solution but can't choose between Acima Leasing and Progressive Leasing in Kapolei, HI? We compare both options so you have all the info needed to make a decision.

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Flexible terms that put you in control.

  • Complete the Lease

    After all scheduled payments have been made as detailed in your agreement, the merchandise is yours to keep.

  • Early Purchase Savings

    You can choose to purchase your item at any point during the lease at a discount.  The sooner you do so, the more you save.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    If you no longer want to keep an item, you have the option to return it in good condition with no further obligation.

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More Information

How Do I Choose Between Lease-to-Own Companies in Kapolei, HI?

Lease-to-own can save the day when you need new electronics, furniture, tires, and other items but are low on cash. With so many companies like Progressive Leasing in Kapolei, how do you know which one to choose? Let's compare Acima Leasing in Kapolei, HI against Progressive Leasing so you can decide which company has the best application process, store selection, and requirements for you.

Kapolei Progressive Leasing vs. Acima Leasing: How They Work

How does Acima Leasing work in Kapolei, HI? What about Progressive Leasing? Both companies follow similar application processes. Shop at eligible Kapolei stores, pick out the items you want, and complete an application in-store or online. When your application is approved, you'll choose a payment option, sign all the paperwork, and make a first payment. It's that simple!

How much can you spend? Progressive Leasing has varying approval amounts, but you can be approved for up to $5,000 with Acima Leasing in Kapolei!

Lease-to-Own Requirements for Progressive Leasing in Kapolei vs. Acima Leasing

Acima Leasing and Progressive Leasing in Kapolei, HI might follow similar application processes, but their leasing requirements differ. If you want to lease-to-own through Progressive Leasing, you need to be 18 years or older (19 in Alabama), provide a social security number or taxpayer identification number, and have an open checking account and debit or credit card.

For Acima Leasing in Kapolei, HI, you need to be 18 years or older (19 in AL), have a social security or taxpayer identification number, a government-issued ID, 3 months of income history with your current source of income, and an active checking account receiving at least $750 a month in income.

Acima Leasing and Progressive Leasing both help shoppers in Kapolei who have less-than-stellar credit. We use more than just your credit history when considering your application and determining your spending power.

Progressive Leasing vs. Acima Leasing: Kapolei, HI Stores

Where can you use Progressive Leasing or Acima Leasing to shop? Progressive Leasing partners with thousands of Kapolei stores and online retailers, including Mattress Firm, Best Buy, and Kay Jewelers. Be sure to check their approved stores in your area before you start shopping.

Acima Leasing has more than 15,000 eligible stores — both local and nationwide. Shop at your favorite retailers, like P.C. Richards & Son, Goodyear, Ashley Homestore, and GameStop. Check out which stores are eligible in Kapolei, HI, or view Acima Leasing's online retailers.

What Can You Lease with Progressive Leasing vs. Acima Leasing in Kapolei, HI?

Acima Leasing and Progressive Leasing in Kapolei, HI follow similar guidelines for leasable items. Typically, eligible items are durable goods that are returnable and for personal or household use. You can lease furniture, electronics, tires, mattresses, power tools, instruments, and so much more! Items you can't lease include high-risk items, consumables, anything permanently attached to a car or home, and services.

Is Progressive Leasing or Acima Leasing in Kapolei, HI Right for You?

The decision of which Kapolei, HI lease-to-own company to choose is entirely yours to make. To choose the right fit, consider approval requirements, which stores in Kapolei you want to shop at, and the application process. You can read customer reviews and download the apps to get a better feel for each company. Get instant shopping power for the items you need today.