Upgrade Your Home With Lease-to-Own Ashely Furniture in Palm Bay, FL

It's time to say goodbye to uncomfortable, unattractive furniture. Acima can help you stay within budget and find stylish furniture options with lease-to-own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay, FL.

Acima makes it possible.*

Flexible terms that put you in control.

  • Complete the Lease

    After all scheduled payments have been made as detailed in your agreement, the merchandise is yours to keep.

  • Early Purchase Savings

    You can choose to purchase your item at any point during the lease at a discount.  The sooner you do so, the more you save.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    If you no longer want to keep an item, you have the option to return it in good condition with no further obligation.

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More Information

Can I Lease-to-Own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay, FL?

Definitely. It's easy to get lease-to-own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay, Florida through Acima. With Acima, you'll have the ability to quickly get name-brand products — such as Ashley Furniture — or you have the option to lease-to-own furniture in Palm Bay from our other partnering brands.

Want to give your living room, bedroom, or home office a makeover but don’t want to finance or use a credit card? We're here to help. Fill out and submit your Acima application and you may be approved to lease-to-own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay in as little as 24 hours.

Why You Should Choose Lease-to-Own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay

Your space is your sanctuary and needs to provide the right atmosphere for both relaxing and entertaining. It's crucial to select furniture that is stylish and provides comfort, which doesn't always come cheap. Thankfully, Acima is an option that can help you afford durable furniture now with lease-to-own furniture options in Palm Bay, FL.

Yes, you could choose to go with that suspicious but cheap armchair from a garage sale, but selecting higher-quality furniture items can end up saving you cash in the long run. When you choose to lease-to-own furniture from dependable brands in Palm Bay, FL, it will hold up for longer. You can forget about breaking your checking account by constantly repurchasing a wonky headboard here or a shifty dining chair there. Instead of purchasing poor-quality furniture that can fail any second — leaving you without an alternative — consider choosing long-lasting lease-to-own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay.

Quality furniture isn't just more durable, but it’s superior in terms of functionality and comfort, too. Well-made furniture has more stability and provides more support. Selecting supportive seating with lease-to-own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay could help minimize aches and discomfort from resting on a lumpy sectional or bent bed frame, and a quality dinner table won't quake and shake while you dine.

Don't dismiss the importance of style, either! You should have a stunning Palm Bay house that you're eager to claim as your own and furniture and decor items that highlight your style and personality. Ashley Furniture offers many design, material, and size options, which means you can choose the right fit for your home and aesthetic. With Acima, you don't have to let your wallet hold you back from having furniture in Palm Bay, FL that fulfills your needs and desires.

How to Lease-to-Own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay, FL

Is it time to find new furniture? You can browse Ashley Furniture at the Palm Bay participating retailer of your choosing and fill out our easy-to-do application form either in-store or online. After you've been approved for furniture shopping power (of up to $4,000!), select the furniture pieces you want to add to your home, and Acima will make the purchase for you. Acima will lease your furniture items to you based on your individual agreement terms. After an initial payment, you'll be able to make monthly payment installations until you have ownership of your items, or you have the option to purchase your furniture early and save.

Acima simplifies the process of getting the items you want from trustworthy brands. Fill out your application and start shopping for lease-to-own Ashley Furniture in Palm Bay, FL through Acima today!